"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

December 21, 2008

My Frist EVER White Christmas!

The beginning of our Snow

Many tears were shed last weekend, as we received our first bit of snow and Vancouver School District decided to close their buildings and would not allow the Dance Company to hold their Nutcracker Ballet in the Art School Theater that they rent.

For all of you who were planning on coming, it is scheduled for this next weekend (26th -28th) same schedule - though there may be some casting changes... that's still being figured out!

But, to our amazement, it was a good decision on the school district's part. Our typical little snow storm had turned to ice and several inches of snow by Sunday.

Snowing at Dusk

Notice the path lights and the fountain... compare to the next pictures!

Even more amazing - we now have 2 ft or more and it's STILL snowing!!!! This is going to be my first ever, truly "White Christmas"!!!

Notice the path lights... this was first thing this morning and since then we've had 2-3" more.

This is just amazing... we weren't done with our shopping.... Ellen is scheduled to open Starbucks - which thankfully has changed her arrival now from 4:00AM to 6:00AM due to the conditions.

Ellen and Bill digging out the cars so Bill could skid to work... skid back to get a shovel and skid back to work and dig out the parking lot so he could park!!!

**notice the fountain?***

But Friday, Dec 26th, Ellen must be in Vancouver, at the Theater all day. The exciting part is that we ALL may be at the theatre! I might get to be Mother Ginger, or a Party Mom, or run the sound or oversee the props.... we've all volunteered to help out with tech crew and empty spots.

So... we'll see if it clears enough to get to Vancouver on Friday. If it doesn't... another round of tears is bound to burst out all over the Vancouver area as dancers have been rehearsing since Sept for this very professional production.

But as for Christmas? What fun it is to have all my children home... the gorgeous snow outside and plenty to keep us busy... our computers (LOL), games, movies etc. (I'm being summoned to a game right now!)

I'm keeping warm, and I now understand my friends in the Midwest and East who get really tired of snow!!! I wouldn't want this all winter long.

Praying you all to be warm inside and out!

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  1. Oh the snow look wonderful...I live in California....however they did have some snow in Southern California last week. 1 foot.
    I am glad you dropped by the Swap blog...nice to meet you. I did have the followers there. But I moved it closer to the top now.
    Drop by anytime and add yourself. Merry Christmas...Sandra