"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

October 22, 2007

Good Morning World!

Good morning to all of you who visit my blog!

We've had so much rain in the past week, here in the Northwest... it's kind of nice to wake up to a brighter morning.

I didn't get any painting done yesterday. Instead - I came down with a cold! Yep! Ellen has been sick all week (thank you Scotty) and I've got it. But though I feel more yucky and achy than normal, it's not too bad yet... so maybe my immune system will kick it without it getting as bad as Ellen's. I just have a scratchy throat and a little congestion. AND a headache...

Yes... as Emily said in her comment yesterday - it IS scary to go off all my meds! Especially the two that keep my heart rate down. So I'm having higher heart rate when I'm up and I come closer to passing out than normal. This is exactly why I could NOT travel to Vanderbilt by myself this year!

So - what did I do yesterday? I did take a nap. (But my sleep is so unrefreshing. It's disappointing to need so badly to sleep - but then wake up feeling as sick and tired as when I fell asleep!)

I watched a most interesting movie - about Cuttlefish! I've never heard of them and wondered how in the world NOVA would make a full show about one fish. But wow - they are SO unique and interesting - the most unique of God's creations that I have ever seen!!!

Bill and I had some time together - but it's a challenge to find things to do when I feel crummy. We used to love to play Backgammon, but after playing it for 6 hours at the beginning of my labor with Ellen... we were very Backgammoned out! LOL! But seeing as it's almost been 18 years... we pulled out the old Backgammon board from under the bed and had a fun time playing - except Bill won both games. (I'm just a little competitive - that's sarcasm LOL)

Last night and this morning, I've been thinking a lot about the verses in Zephaniah 3

14 Sing, O Daughter of Zion;
shout aloud, O Israel!
Be glad and rejoice with all your heart,
O Daughter of Jerusalem!

15 The LORD has taken away your punishment,
he has turned back your enemy.
The LORD, the King of Israel, is with you;
never again will you fear any harm.

16 On that day they will say to Jerusalem,
"Do not fear, O Zion;
do not let your hands hang limp.

17 The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."

What a comfort to know that the LORD my God is with me. That he delights in me. It's almost overwhelming to imagine him rejoicing over me with singing - but it sure inspires me to live up to being the woman He has asked me to be.

It draws me to love him even more. And as I do... His love quiets my heart and helps me face one more "sick" day.

So with Hope in my God, and as I treasure his delight over me... I say goodbye for now as I head off to see what this day holds.

Thanks for sharing this time with me.


  1. Hello Melanie!
    I think you just put a mention of me in your blog to see if I am really reading! :)
    So, I think you sent us the rain! I'm glad you got some sunshine there. We actually have been enjoying the rainy day here.
    Much love,

  2. Hey Melanie--
    I love that part of Zephaniah too! I made the last part into a little song to help me make it through each day, just like you said. You are a real encouragement to me!
    Love you,