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what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

September 20, 2008

Question #1 - Artists who inspire me the most

"A Tribute to Van Gogh"
(c) M Pruitt 2007

Question: "What Artists inspire you the most?"

Great question!

I would have to say - the number one artist that inspires me is Vincent Van Gogh.

I had never been all that interested in his art - he often went a little too unrealistic in his impressionism for my logical brain.

But it wasn't until the day that I visited the Toledo Museum of Art that I really became interested in Van Gogh. I am a fan of the impressionists so of course, I insisted we start there - not knowing how my energy would hold up!

I knew I would be seeing a real Monet, several Cezanne's and a Van Gogh among other famous artists. But I did not expect the impact that Van Gogh's painting would have on me.

I walked up to it - a simple painting of a wheat field, with harvesters and rolls of wheat - but as I looked at that painting - there was so much feeling in this beautiful simple, yet complex painting, that tears began to well up in my eyes. I eyes were glued to that painting and I returned to it several times that day.

Later, I learned more about Van Gogh and his life. We remember him as the crazy man who cut off his ear. But he was really a man who couldn't find his place - partly because he was different and partly because society rejected the beautiful gift he was able to offer God and humankind!

I was really touched by the story his life. His father was a preacher, and he too went into the ministry. He loved and wanted to serve people, but he was a quiet man - and not well spoken. Yes, he was gifted, but not with the gifts that were valued by the church of that time. He was let go from his position and was set adrift. He spoke through his painting - calling out to God and mankind through his art.

I could go on with more of his story - but this last thing is what inspires me from Van Gogh's difficult life as an artist. He spoke to God and he spoke to people through his art. I knew it the moment I saw that first painting! That's what brought tears to my eyes.

Someone can be a good artist but not give a care about God or people. And we stand and look at that art and are interested and even amazed at the ability.

But an artist that paints speaking to God... an artist that paints with a deep love for people... his/her art moves the heart and soul of the viewer!

And that's the kind of artist I want to be!

I may come back to this question, because there are several more artists that really inspire me... but this is a long enough blog for now! :-)

Watch soon for the answer to Quest #2!

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  1. Thanks for the background on Van Gogh! It is a good reminder that we don't all fit the "standard" career mold, but that our lives please God most when we use our passions, talents, and abilities in unison to love Him and others-- sometimes in very unconventional ways!

    Praying for you, Melanie~