"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

April 1, 2008

What can I say?

(c) M Pruitt 2008

Why haven't I posted a blog in over a week? I just don't know what to say. I feel miserable and I'm not doing much so I don't know what else to say. My prayer request today is that I could have enough energy to take a shower. I'm serious!

Amazingly, my stomach has continued to do well, and my Heart Rate is under control thanks to my trip back to Vanderbilt. But the fatigue - and I use that word for lack of something stronger and more descriptive, continues to grab at my feet dragging me to the bottom of the functionality scale.

We're doing a lot of good research and have contacted some wonderful doctors concerning ME/CFS and there is some exciting research going on concerning the causes and possible treatment of ME/CFS - so you can pray that we understand what we are studying and come to the conclusions that God would have us pursue. This is a long term prayer request.

As some of you know already, and have seen at our church, I was able to paint a large cross painting for Easter. Thank you to all of you who have noticed it and sent compliments to me through Bill.

I must say, it was an amazing experience. Being in a CFS flare, and only have2 weeks to paint it - I pushed so hard, I was often in tears over the exhaustion my body felt and the aches and pains that ensued. But then I would think about the exhaustion and pain Jesus went through out of love for me and I cried harder. It was a very moving experience to paint this cross!

The picture at the top is a front view and here is a slides show of some of the pictures I took while it was in process. It is 5 ft by 3.5 ft and practically filled the living room floor! Most often I had to paint it flat because watercolor is so wet it would drip. This is a special canvas made especially for water media. I hope you enjoy the slide show.


  1. Your cross is beautiful, Melanie! I am moved by your pain and exhaustion as your painted it-- what a gift of sacrifice and worship.

  2. Melanie, I have so enjoyed your painting and knowing how much painstaking work you poured into it makes it that much more precious and meaningful. When we saw the paintings were up, I knew which one was yours (but double checked anyways). I'm sorry I haven't been in touch much lately, but it is certainly not because you and your family are not on my mind! Sending warm and wonderful ((hugs)) your way. I love you friend.