"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

June 16, 2007

hospital stay UPDATE

I sent out an email to many of my friends who check in here so I thought I'd leave my updates here for those who are interested in what is happening.

Yesterday, my pain returned with meals. That indicates the possibility of stones still being in the bile duct. So last night the GI doc ordered an ERCP - basically and endoscopy up into the bile duct and clearing out anything there.

There are some risks with this procedure and I was very worried about it last night and this morning - especially as I hadn't actually spoken to the GI doc.

Well, I know Bill was concerned and praying and I know one special friend in particular was concerned and directed those concerns to God, and I know many of you who received my email were praying.

God heard our prayers and answered them as well. The GI doc came in early this morning and said he'd been thinking about me late last night. He really didn't want to do the ERCP unless it was clearly necessary. So he decided to order a MRCP - a fairly new procedure that is very accurate in determining if there are stones in the bile duct. It is basically a specialized MRI.

So I had that this morning. We're waiting for the results now. The one complication is that my nurse called the technician and asked about my morning meds. He said I could take them. I only took the tiniest sip of water I could... but as he was doing the MRI he complained that I had fluid in my stomach. He said they may need to redo the MRCP again later today.

My request is that we pray that the test will be clearly read and done correctly - even if it needs to be redone. I just want the true and correct reading. I began to worry about this as I was in the MRI... and some song from the sixties came on and there was a line about reaching up above you and holding tight.... I don't even know what the song was really saying, but it reminded me that God is above me in knowledge and wisdom and control. So I reached up to him (well not with my body - I was in an MRI and they are pretty snug LOL) but in my heart and now I'm much more peaceful about the test and will trust the results because he is in charge of all things.

If I have stones, I must have the ERCP tomorrow. If I don't, I will be learning to use some new pain meds and trying to eat and will go home tomorrow.

So there's the current "Hospital Stay" status!

I sure can't wait to get home and start painting again - and writing about more significant things than how my body is feeling!

Thank you to all of you who love me so much and pray for me. And thank you to for those of you visiting for the first time... please come back and learn more about spiritual and emotional journey since I've been focusing so much on my physical journey in the last few posts!



  1. Melanie,
    You've been on my heart and in my prayers several times a day lately. I had to share with you that after reading a recent e-mail, with Anne sitting on my lap waiting to play a computer game, I was compelled to pray for you then and there with her. I asked her if she would pray with Mommy for Ellen's Mommy. She did not hesitate and agreed to pray to Jesus for you. Many times I have been brought to tears over the sufferings you've had to endure, but this time it was especially powerful, knowing the faith of a "real" child was sitting with me praying too. I know He will take care of you as He loves you even greater than we even love our own children. Thank you for keeping us updated. I look forward to hearing how God is answering our prayers!

  2. Dear Melanie,
    Am so glad you visited and were blessed. God sure is very very faithful. 1 Cor 13:8 says "Love never fails.." and 1 Jn 4:8 says "God is Love". Then God never fails.

    Some days ago I was thinking about the Red Sea and the Israelites and I wrote my thoughts down on my other blog http://womanofword.blogspot.com/

    I sure sound a lot serious in my blog don't I..well in real life I'm really funny...:)

    Do take care and take courage becuase our Living Lord Jesus is on the throne.
    Will remember you in my prayers

    God Bless

  3. Good Monday Morning!

    Whew! You've had quite a weekend. Glad to hear your procedure (at least initially), was less of a trial. I say we take the summer off!

    But, realistically, I know God will provide grace for each day and grow you and stretch you (as He faithfully does for all of us).

    I know a great preacher (retired now) who once said, "Hard's not bad, it's just hard." I'm not sure if that applies here, but I know that hard things can produce great fruit, even if they do feel bad. Of course, that's no new news to you. : ) Just don't want to hum to loudly, especially if you are having a really rough day.

    I pray it's a good one, with some excellent news and genuine relief.

    With love,