"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

June 8, 2007

Health Update and More About My Music


One week ago I suddenly had a an attack of severe stomach pain. I have spent the past week on liquids - getting in one Boost a day plus a little baby rice cereal. But it hasn't helped. So yesterday I began my three day treatment with nothing going into my stomach (except my necessary meds) and IV fluids to keep me hydrated.

I am so thankful that I can now do this at home instead of sitting in the hospital! On Monday, I see my doctor and by then we will know if this three days has worked or if there is something else we need to explored concerning this pain.

So of course, you're prayers are much appreciated.



I see my musical kD Duck friend has already been enjoying my musical "Melanie" journey! I thought you might like to know a little more about why I picked these songs. They have specific meanings and are in a specific order (changed a bit since yesterday)

First - is Chris Tomlin's song "The Power of the Cross" - a very meaningful song to me and I listen to it often. But I put it first because one of the first things of significance that happened in my life was my love for God. And when I began to understand what the cross represented, my love for Jesus became the center of my life and has been ever since.

But secondly, this song reminds me of the cross at the top of Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz, CA. Mt. Hermon is a large conference center with trails roaming through the redwood filled hills in Santa Cruz. They have a camp for youngsters called "Redwood Camp" that I attened from fourth grade on... a camp for High Schoolers called "Ponderosa Lodge" (also attended through HS) and a main conference grounds where I have attended family camps, and as an adult, writer's conferences. I also spent a summer there working as a camp counselor and lifeguard. I always feel like I'm standing at the top of that mountain at sunrise when I listen to this song!

Second - Return to Pooh Corner... Winnie the Pooh was my bestest of friends when I was a little girl. My mom gave me a handmade Pooh Bear one year and he went everywhere with me. He heard all my secrets and he went to the hospital for every operation I had (I had 6 surgeries by the time I was 9). Pooh often had to go off for surgeries himself. Every year or so he would get a "new skin" for Christmas... then he would head off to have his new "skin" put on (wink wink). Currently, he is very floppy and still has my name written in his red shirt (of which there is only half of, now...) from a hospital stay. After many years of living with my son Chris, he now resides in my bedroom again!

Third - Rainbows have always been a favorite of mine. I think I just love color - especially the gorgeous blending of color in a rainbow. But it's also because of it's representation of God's promises. It's so important to me to know that God is good and that he is always true to his nature and keeps all of his promises. I often cling to those promises and sure enough he is always true to what He said! I also had the name "Rainbow" during the summer I was a camp counselor!

Fourth - James Taylor ... oh the wonderful memories James Taylor brings back. Our best friends John and Lieschen, weekends spent at the cabin in Lake Tahoe (eating homemade won tons for dinner and crepes for breakfast), warm summer nights, concerts at the outdoor Greek Theater in Berkley.... ahhhhh....

Fifth - Kenny G has always been one of mine and Bill's favorites for our date nights. But this one esepcially reminds of the little chapel at Mt. Hermon where Bill gave me my engagement ring and where we would have had our wedding if we hadn't had so many friends and family to invite!

- Orinocco Flow... Enya... a more recent enjoyment for me. I love listening to Enya's music, but Orinocco Flow reminds me the most of dancing - driving Ellen to class, taking Ballet classes myself and teaching dance. In fact I never listen to that song without dancing in my mind!

Seventh - I have just discovered Jack Johnson's music through my kids. It started with his Curious George album (one of my favorite children's book series). It's now my current "playful" music. I often listen to it on my iPod as I work out at the gym or am driving somewhere in the car with my daughter. His music is artistic, fun and touches my heart.

So there you have it.... "A Description of Melanie" in music! Enjoy listening!

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