"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

May 5, 2008

Light vs. Dark

I looked out my bedroom window and saw this gorgeous moon, sitting upon golden glowing clouds with the silhouette of branches. It stuck in my mind for days until I just had to try and paint it.

It's a very representational piece to me. The brightness of the moon casting a new light - a golden light upon the darkness... the two foreground trees creating a cross...

Jesus is that light in my, sometimes very dark, world. I'm thankful for the physical and natural reminders I have of this truth.

It reminds me again of the words to that David Crowder song "Stars" - here's just the first verse:

You should see the stars tonight
how they shimmer shine so bright
against the black they look so white
comin down from such a height
to reach me now, reach me now

you should see the moon in the flight
cuttin cross the misty night
softly dancin in sunshine
reflections of this light
reach me now, you reach me now

and how could such a thing
shine its light on me
and make everything beautiful again

God makes things beautiful again - even when they are dark and lifeless and scary.

I was talking to Bill last night about how badly we want me to be healed. But even more than being healed I want to be a person who reflects HIS beauty and shines beautifully, even in the darkness of life. That's what I really want most.

Right now, that darkness is my illness. I haven't had much to post. Haven't done too much in the past month - except I've tried to take each day as it comes, I try to bring joy and light to anyone God brings into my little world. It may look and feel dark, but his light shines on me and makes my life beautiful... again.

Pray that I will bask in his light, that I will shine in reflection and that I won't let the darkness around me frighten me, but instead - keep my eyes on his beautiful light.


  1. You have a beautiful blog and you are an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  2. Hi friend,
    I wanted to say hi and that I'm thinking of you! I haven't been doing a very good job keeping in touch lately, but you are in my thoughts. I love you.