"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

August 9, 2007

Showing Understanding and Kindness

My husband, Bill, is a Pastor and has been teaching a short series on Psalm 23. It's been a very fun series - especially as we process together some of the issues like "fear".

But I only tell you this to set up a different story I wanted to share. It's always very important to me to get to church when he's speaking. But as I wrote in my last update - I'm not doing very well. However, I do have some medications I can take very occaisionally, that help me get out and stand up for a little while.

I was able to make it to church this week and really enjoyed Bill's message. But I was very very tired by the end. It's quite a long walk from my seat to the car. Sadly this often means I breeze by many old friends with a quick wave.

This week, two women stopped me. They were so excited to see me - it warmed my heart - though my heart rate was flying and things were spinning and I was hoping I could make it to the car with out stumbling or fainting.

But as I stopped and gave them each a quick greeting, I explained that I just couldn't stand any longer and I was sorry that I couldn't stay and talk.

To my surprise, they both offered to sit down on the ground with me. I quickly sat and they both sat with me. So there we were - the three of us - sitting on the ground in the middle of the huge new entryway to our new church buiding. We had a nice chat and it was so refreshing to get caught up with a few old friends.

Now that it true kindness and compassion. I have never felt more understood by someone outside of my own family than I did that morning. All I had to say was "I can't stand up anymore" and they both sat down with me!

Thank you two!!!! (you know who you are!)

Love Melanie

PS: If you want to hear these great Psalm 23 messages Click Here and go to the "Sermon's Online at the top. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!!


  1. Melanie,
    I am so glad every time a blog update pops up in my inbox. I don't know why it just hasn't been in me to do more than write on my own blog and be by myself. I'm sorry. I am so thankful for the blogs to keep us connected.
    That was a beautiful story. I do find that if we let people know that we cannot stand--they don't seem to mind if we sit down!--however, it's letting people know that's hard. Or interrupting a conversation to say so.
    I love though that they just sat down on the ground WITH you! Usually I'm sitting and others are standing!
    You REALLY needed that dose of kindness and understanding and I am glad God gave you that!
    Lots of love, Em

  2. You have a beautiful blog. I just recently stumbled across it and enjoyed it very much. Your artwork is inspiring. Makes me want to dig out my long buried art supplies and do some creating!
    Thank you also for posting the link to your husband's sermons. I listened to the one on the 23rd Psalm this morning as I could not make it to church. I am presently dealing with a very big fear in my life and this sermon helped me so much. Thank you.
    May you experience God's peace and blessings in your life!