"This illness is to fatigue,
what a match is to a nuclear bomb.
It's an absurd mischaracterization!"
~Laura Hillenbrand

July 18, 2007

Liquid Sunshine

Here it is - July and it's raining!!!

I'm having an amazingly unusual week! My kids have all gone to "Experience the Valley" (a summer camp in Tygh Valley, OR). Marie is counseling, Ellen's last year and Chris' first! It's usually HOT HOT HOT and they come home tanned and tired from the Whitewater rafting, water skiing, hikes, work days, field games and more. But I'm guessing they didn't pack warm enough this year!

But here I am sitting home - experiencing the silence that accompanies and empty nest....

Not quite ready for it to be permanent, but I must admit I am enjoying some very quiet contemplative time.

Bill decided we would make it a special fun week and started planning out a "European Adventure" for us.... I was a bit worried as I never know how I'm going to feel. For example - I went to church Saturday night - feeling pretty good! But halfway into the third song - I suddenly felt like a balloon who lost it's air. I began to sink lower in my chair. By the middle of the service I was sick to my stomach, lightheaded and has to go home. I missed the sermon - but sure enjoyed the worship!!!

Back to our "European Adventure"... Bill and I planned foods I could hopefully eat and a variety of European type outings... visits to the Farmer's Market, Art Museum's, a quiet dinner on the patio with flowers and international flags hanging all around.... it's been a great week!

In keeping with the theme of this week, I painted this little 4"x4" "French Lavender Fields".

I am amazed at how painting is such a time of worship and drawing close to God for me. I am still trying to put it all into words - but I hope to write a whole blog on it soon! I think it has to do with the "Spiritual Pathways" that different people walk, to relate to God. If you haven't read it - you really should..."Spiritual Pathways" by Gary Thomas.

I am, what he calls, a "Sensate". I draw close to God through my senses... smell, taste, sound, and of course, sight. I think that's what makes my painting such a worshipful experience. That and I'm also a person who loves to celebrate and painting seems to celebrate God's beautiful and fun creations.

[WOW - a downpour!!!! There go all the roses!!!]

Well... real quick - cause I really need a nap - physically I'm in a fairly stable holding pattern at the moment. No stomach flare ups in the past two weeks. I get a couple of hours each morning and evening where I can think and paint and play games with the kids. Otherwise, I'm sleeping or watching a State video. That's right! A State video.... I've checked out almost every video the Library has on different US States... it's been a fun and interesting way to learn more about our country.

Thanks for visiting ... come back soon cause I have something I want to share about Leondardo Da Vinci and two more blogs stewing in the back of my mind!


PS: The painting is up for auction on eBay if you're interested... click here

1 comment:

  1. Melanie!
    I'm so glad you blogged! :)
    I think you had already written this blog when I shot you the ecard last night, but didn't realize it. Here we go again...thinking of eachother at the same time!
    I could really use a week of 'contemplative' time--my mirror is getting a bit foggy again and my head too chaotic! lol.
    I really thank you for explaining how your painting is a way of honoring God, since that is something I had wanted to know. I am hoping my blogging/writing is honoring God, because wow, does it nourish me and wow does it impact others in ways I never imagined.
    Also, you and Bill are so amazingly creative with your idea to make a European vacation all at home! Wow! Very impressive! And so much fun.
    I've got a zillion blogs stewing in my head, it's ridiculous!
    As always, I love your painting.
    And, I am incredibly grateful that for the most part you are having a 'good' week in the 'how you are feeling physically' department.
    It's raining here too right now! And boy do we need it!
    Love you so much,